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Evaluation Manager (Evaluation Consultant) for the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Board (2013—Present)

NYSERDA’s Impact Evaluation Team (2012—Present)

NYSERDA’s Impact Evaluation Team (2007—2012)

Renewable Energy Siting Study for the Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs (EOEA) (2009)

Master Evaluation Contract Team for California (2002—2009)

Evaluation of the CFL, Appliance and Residential New Construction Thermostat Programs Implemented by Hydro Quebéc (2007—2008)

Evaluation of PowerCost MonitorTM, An Information Program Sponsored by the Massachusetts Utilities (2007—2008)

Development of New California Evaluation Protocols (2005—2006)

Program Analysis for NYSERDA’s Energy $martSM Programs (2003—2007)

CFL Lighting Evaluation for Long Island (2006)

Evaluation of California’s Home Energy Efficiency Survey (HEES)(audit) Program (2005—2006)

Massachusetts and Connecticut Free Ridership and Spillover Study for Many Commercial and Industrial Programs (2005)

Southern California Gas’ 9–Year Retention Study of Their 1996 Commercial Energy Efficiency Initiative (CEEI) (2005)

9–Year Retention Study of the San Diego Gas & Electric 1996 and 1997 Residential Weatherization Retrofit Incentive Programs (2005)

Portfolio Review Assistance to the California Public Utilities Commission (2005)

California White Papers on Net–to–Gross (NTG) Methodologies for the Non–Residential New Construction (NRNC) Program and Estimating Impacts for Codes & Standards Investments (2005)

Massachusetts Renewable Energy Education and Public Awareness Evaluation (2004—2005)

Massachusetts Green Power Evaluation (2004)

Connecticut ENERGY STAR® Lighting Evaluation (2004—2005)

Development of the California New Evaluation Framework/Roadmap (2003—2004)

National Best Practices Study (2003—2004)

Process Evaluation of the Cape Light Compact’s Low–Income Programs (2003—2004)

Impact Evaluation of NStar Electric’s Large C/I Retrofit Program (2003—2004)

Evaluation and Measurement for Massachusetts ENERGY STAR® Lighting Program (2002—2004)

Evaluation Advisor for the ICF Assistance Contract to the U.S. EPA for their ENERGY STAR® Buildings Program (2002—2006)

Savings Assumptions Comparative in Massachusetts Low–Income Programs (2002)

Process Evaluation of Cape Light Compact’s Residential High Use Program and Small Commercial & Industrial Program (2002)

Evaluation of Pacific Gas & Electric’s Hard–to–Reach Outreach Efforts (2002)

Evaluation Planning for KeySpan Energy Delivery New England (2002)

Impact Evaluation of Northeast Utilities’ Municipal Program (2002)

Process Evaluation of Connecticut’s O&M RFP Program (2001—2002)

Impact Evaluation of NSTAR’s Residential High Use Program (2001)

Two–Year Process & Impact Evaluation of Long Island Power Authority’s (LIPA’s) Low–Income Program (Residential Energy Affordability Partnership Program) (2001—2004)

Retention and Effective Useful Life (EUL) Study of the Commercial Energy Incentive Program for Southern California Gas Company (2001)

Commercial and Industrial Program Evaluation of Efficiency Vermont (2000—2002)

Low–Income Public Purpose Test for California (2000—2001)

Small Business Full Service Solution (2000—2001)

Evaluation of Northeast Utilities’ Commercial and Industrial O&M Program and Custom Services Program (2000)

Pacific Gas & Electric Company Residential Retention Study (2000)

Process Evaluation of the Low–Income Single Family (LISF), Multi–family (LIMF) and New Construction (LINC) Programs and Implementation Analysis for the LISF for NSTAR (Boston Edison Company and ComElectric Company Programs) (2000)

Comparative Evaluation of 3 Industrial Energy Efficiency Programs (WMEP Evaluation for the ECW) (2000—2001)

NYSERDA’s New York Energy $martTM Program Evaluation (1999—2002)

Evaluation of Southern California Gas Company’s 1999 Third–Party Initiative (TPI) Programs (1999—2000)

Assessment of California’s Residential New Construction Market Transformation Efforts (1999—2000)

Market Transformation Policy and Research for Ontario Gas Utilities (1999)

Market Progress Evaluation for Local Government Association Support Project (1999—2000)

Initial Market Effects Studies of Pacific Gas & Electric Company’s Commercial Audit (BEMS) and Incentive Programs (Express Efficiency) (1999)

Evaluation of Process and Projects of California’s Third Party Initiative (TPI) Market Transformation Programs (1998—1999)

Market Assessment and Baseline Study of Residential New Construction in Southern New England (1998—1999)

Retention Study of Residential Weatherization Programs (1998—1999)

Impact and Process Evaluation for Low–Income Program (1998)

Measure Retention Study of Low–Income Programs (1998—1999)

Baseline and Market Assessment Studies for Boston Gas and the Massachusetts Gas Collaborative for 3 Market Sectors (1998—2001)

Introductory Brochure for Initiating Community–Based Energy Efficiency Programs (1998)

Review and Summary of Market Effects Studies (1997—1998)

Plans and Metrics for Measuring Market Transformation (1997)

Market Transformation Program Planning (1997)

Free Ridership Measurement Issues (1997)

Persistence Study (1996—1997)

Evaluation of C&I DSM, and Residential Energy Efficiency Lighting Programs (1997)

Process Evaluation of Community–Based Energy Efficiency Program (1996—1997)

Determining Customer Behavior With and Without Incentives (1996)

Wholesale Pricing for Electric Utility Standby Services (1995)

Hands–on Training for Econometric Analysis (1995)

Introductory Paper on Managing Risks and the Use of Options (1995)

Retail Electric Standby Rates, Pricing Design Trends and Issues (1994)

Guidelines for Low–Income Energy Efficiency Arrearage Studies, Economic Impact Studies, and A Process to Determine When These Studies are Cost–Effective to Undertake (1994—1995)

Low–Income Program Comparison Project (1993—1995)

Impacts and Customer Acceptance of Boston Edison Company’s Large Commercial and Industrial Retrofit Program for Energy Efficiency Equipment (1993—1994)

Hard to Quantify Benefits and Costs of Low–Income Energy Efficiency Programs (1993—1994)

Industry Impact Costing of Massachusetts’ State Implementation Plan for the U.S. Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 (1993—1994)

Methodology Study for Commercial and Industrial Customer Behavior, Purchasing Energy Efficiency Lighting (1992—1994)

Customer Behavior and Energy Efficiency Audit Programs (1992—1993)

Comparative Analysis of Industry Impacts from the U.S. and California Clean Air Act Amendments (1993)

Commercial Energy Management Services Evaluation (1992—1993)

Evaluation of the City of Austin’s Direct Weatherization, Loan and Whole House Rebate Programs (1989—1992)

City of Austin’s Environmental Impact Model for Energy Efficiency Alternatives (1989—1992)

The Optimization Matrix Approach for Integrated Resource Planning (1989—1992)

City of Austin’s Electric Energy Efficiency Economic Impact Model (1989—1991)

State of Texas Econometric Model (STEM) (1986—1988)